Warzone Pistol Tier List - June 2020 (update)

Looking for the best pistols to use in Warzone? We have some of the absolute best options regardless of weapon class, and some of the worst ever.
Looking for the best pistols to use in Warzone? We have some of the absolute best options regardless of weapon class, and some of the worst ever. / Photo by Chaz Frazer / DBLTAP

Warzone Pistol tier list by DBLTAP is being updated to reflect the state of the game and meta shift in June, 2020. While Pistols are still largely relegated to fluff and starting weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there are a few that stand out immensely and specific builds that will definitely save you a trip to the Gulag when playing Warzone. 

A recent meta shift saw the fall of the Akimbo .357 Snake Shot and the rise of the Akimbo Renetti. Although recently nerfed due to the Renettis absolutely shredding player’s armor and base health, they are still extremely powerful, and reign supreme on this list. We’ll be breaking down why below, alongside stats and guides for each individual weapon.

Warzone Pistol Tier List

S+ Tier:
Akimbo Renetti w/ Burst Mod

  • These monsters will absolutely decimate at close range, and are even more powerful than some full auto assault rifles and submachine guns at extreme close range. That being said, that is exactly where they shine, and only where. Don’t try to take these into any mid-range engagements, and watch your ammo cause you’ll burn through them faster than butter on a hot pan.

S- Tier
Akimbo .357 Snake Shot

  • Our former supreme champion, these bad boys were knocked off by the nerf to its damage range, spread and handling. Still deadly at close range, you’ll find more flexibility with the Akimbo Renettis when up close and personal.

A Tier:

  • WIth the ability to equip a three round burst mod, the Renetti will pack a punch in a pinch and might help you survive if needed. As these weapons are not spawned normally in Warzone by RNG, we recommend only using them in multiplayer in order to unlock the Akimbo and Burst Mod attachments to turn them into the monsters they have the potential to be.

Desert Eagle (.50 GS)

  • Still packing a hand cannon in any universe, the .50 cal, also known as the Desert Eagle, will decimate with well placed shots to the upper torso and head. The handling and recoil makes them difficult to use, but finishing off someone with this Robocop arm launcher is so satisfying.

B Tier:

  • With excellent handling, recoil patterns, and rate of fire, the 1911 is an excellent secondary to have - in Multiplayer. Unfortunately this weapon isn’t enough of a threat to do much of anything in Warzone, and should be kept to when playing casual matches of Domination or TDM.


  • Similar stats to the 1911, with the same forgone conclusion.

C Tier:

  • Warzone introduced the meta of having a starting weapon, and by now everyone should have a maxed out X16 in their arsenal from dropping into Verdansk and murdering someone in a desperation match on top of a roof that resembles a Gulag showdown. Please drop this weapon immediately once you find literally - anything - else.

F Tier:
.357 Revolver

  • This is the worst weapon in the game. One piece of equipment elevates this pistol to arguably an A tier weapon - the Snake Shot shotgun rounds. Outside of that, it is an absolute pain and nightmare to use, and unfortunately that means that if you want to unlock the Snake Shot attachment and Akimbo, expect your KDR to look like the weapon’s iconic calibur name.