Warzone Player Shows Footage of Strange 'Thumb Glitch' Blocking View

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Out of all the glitches, this one might be the most memorable. It's rather hilarious to see what appears to be a thumb blocking the view of the Warzone player as they look down the sight. Warzone has been in a rough spot since the end of Verdansk and the start of Caldera. The new season and map were meant to bring back the fun and excitement of Warzone, but instead, it just brought more disappointment.

Add in a disastrous amount of cheaters, exploits, and glitches, and you have a terrible spot for the battle royale. One of the only saving graces has been Rebirth Island. Fans have flocked to the smaller, faster-paced version of Warzone. Raven Software is so aware of the success, they're giving the map a "facelift."

But will it be enough to fight issues like this? As Redditor tmac416 shows, when they go to look down the sight, it appears their thumb is blocking the whole scope. It's very much something that could happen in real life with an amateur, but not in a video game.

A few other players spoke up in the comments talking about similar experiences. There was no clear fix while in the game, but switching Operators afterward seemed to fix the issue.