Warzone Season 3 All Map Changes Listed

Verdansk '84 has finally arrived.
Verdansk '84 has finally arrived. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Players just now diving into Warzone Season 3 may be curious as to what has changed with the new version of Verdansk. Following the April 21 Nuke Event, current-day Verdansk has made a permanent exit from Warzone and Verdansk '84 has become the game's primary map.

Season 3 introduced several changes to Warzone, including new operators, weapons, game modes, and a brand new map that features a reimagined version of Verdansk set in 1984. Verdansk '84 comes with a variety of new features, points of interest, and locations.

Warzone Season 3 All Map Changes

A post from the official Call of Duty blog details the 20 biggest map changes seen with the new version of Verdansk. Players can take a look at the post for a detailed description of all the big changes included in Verdansk '84. Some of the most impactful ones are as follows:

  1. Gora Summit: a massive complex that features a central island base, three gondola stations, a lower river valley which players can access, helipads, and two command centers.
  2. Old Verdansk Stadium: the Verdansk '84 stadium is the one that was seen in Verdansk prior to the modern one, but during its demolition phase, as it is being dismantled to construct the one seen in current-day Verdansk
  3. Salt Mine: this location is the 1984 version of Quarry, and it features a sprawling space with two large entrances which are currently sealed, in addition to mine conduits, containment ponds, and factories
  4. Broadcast Tower Under Construction: one of the biggest changes in the Downtown area of Verdansk that includes a more accessible interior which features a stairwell that takes players to the top of the tower
  5. Grid Radar Array: arguably the biggest new landmark, this location is a radar base that features 12 linked cage towers, a gantry platform, multi-story access ladders, and an ascender
  6. Factory: this area contains four massive warehouses and an underground passage
  7. Old Mine: a rocky area at the northwestern portion of the map which offers opportunities for close-range encounters and ambushes and includes an interior mine complex which is blocked off for the time being