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Warzone Season 3 Weapon Tier List

Warzone Season 3 Weapon Tier List
Warzone Season 3 Weapon Tier List / Photo courtesy of Activision

Another season begins in Call of Duty, so it's time for our Warzone Season 3 Weapon Tier List. We've got a lot to cover and will be talking about the Top 5 weapons in each tier. For example, the Mac-10 will be left off this list but it's still an S-Tier weapon undoubtedly.

Warzone Season 3 Weapon Tier List

1. S-Tier

warzone season 3 weapon tier list
LC10 / Photo courtesy of Activision
  • CR-56 AMAX
  • FARA 83
  • LC10
  • LW3 Tundra
  • Kar98K

These S-Tier weapons are going to be the primary choices for Season 3, and the meta. Some loadouts may see players running dual Assault Rifles once again with the FARA 83 and AMAX, but if not we're likely going to see more and more loadouts involve the LC10 at the top tier. The Tundra and Kar98K will continue to be the leaders of Sniper Rifles.

2. A-Tier

warzone season 3 weapon tier list
Krig 6 / Photo courtesy of Activision
  • Krig 6
  • MP5 (MW)
  • Grau 5.56
  • PPSh-41
  • Swiss K31

The A-Tier weapons will feature consistency over anything else. They remain easy-to-use rifles. While they don't necessarily have as high of a time to kill as S-Tier weapons, they do have easy fire patterns to control and trace enemies with.

3. B-Tier

warzone season 3 weapon tier list
AK-47s / Photo courtesy of Activision
  • AK-47 (CW)
  • Sykov
  • Riot Shield
  • AX-50
  • P90

The B-Tier weapons aren't going to be weapons you see often, but experimental loadouts are going to be wider now that so many weapon balances are in place. Personally speaking, after using the AX-50 on opening day of Verdansk '84 I felt that it was once again that original, hard-hitting bolt action rifle that we saw in the first few months of Warzone. None of these weapons may reach A-Tier, but they're viable for a fun switch up now and then.

4. C-Tier

warzone season 3 weapon tier list
Origin 12 / Photo courtesy of Activision
  • AS Val
  • Oden
  • Origin 12
  • FiNN
  • SKS

Usable in the right situations with the right attachments, players might find it difficult to run with these weapons if they aren't already solid with S-B tier weapons. You can get away with using C-Tier weapons, but they'd have to be weapons you're very comfortable with.

5. D-Tier

warzone season 3 weapon tier list
Striker 45 / Photo courtesy of Activision
  • Rytex AMR
  • Striker 45
  • Model 680
  • MG34
  • MK2 Carbine

D-Tier weapons all try to be something special, but it never works out. Not with the amount of weapons Warzone has to offer above them anyways. Unless you're forced to use them in ground loot they shouldn't be chosen.

6. F-Tier

warzone season 3 weapon tier list
Dragunov / Photo courtesy of Activision
  • FN Scar 17
  • .357
  • EBR
  • Dragunov

Once again we hit F-Tier, and once again do not ever think of choosing them.