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Warzone Shotgun Tier List February 2021

Warzone Shotgun tier list February 2021
Warzone Shotgun tier list February 2021 / Activision

The Call of Duty: Warzone Shotgun tier list for February 2021 sees some shakeup in the game's current pecking order. With the introduction of the Streetsweeper last January, the best shotgun in the game is up for debate. The Streetsweeper's arrival could have big implications for Warzone's meta going forward.

Warzone Shotgun Tier List February 2021

Shotguns are not considered as strong as other weapons in Warzone but can create havoc in close-range situations. With the right attachments and loadout, they can become powerful weapons with increased range and usage. Here is the base shotgun tier list in Warzone for February 2021:

S Tier

  • JAK-12
  • Streetsweeper

A Tier

  • Origin 12

B Tier

  • R-90
  • Model 680

C Tier

  • VLK Rogue

D Tier

  • 725

The JAK-12 and Streetsweeper are currently the two premier shotguns in Warzone. This has much to do with their insane rate of fire and both being fully automatic. These shotguns are the only two in the game with an RPM of 300 or more.

The Origin 12 was formerly the best shotgun in Warzone but has been surpassed by the JAK-12 and Streetsweeper after being nerfed in Season 6. The Origin 12 is semi-automatic and features one of the faster firing rates from the shotgun class. When kitted out with a 25-round drum, this shotgun can unleash a seemingly never-ending onslaught on enemy players.

The R-90 and Model 680 are pump-action shotguns that are powerful in their own right but have glaring limitations. The R-90 features a fast firing rate and a 14-round magazine but is held back by its near nine-second reloading time. The Model 680 has the slowest firing rate of all shotguns and the second-slowest reload time, but is the most damaging weapon in its class.

The VLK Rogue packs a mean punch in terms of damage but not much else. It has the second-slowest firing rate in the shotgun class and no standout features. The VLK Rogue is certainly viable but is a vastly inferior option to most other shotguns in Warzone.

The 725 holds the unwanted distinction of the worst shotgun in the game. After terrorizing the Modern Warfare landscape where it was considered the best gun in the game, it has suffered a fall from grace in Warzone. This is due to increased health pools in Warzone, which neutralized the 725's overwhelming strength.