Warzone SMG Tier List September 2020

The Warzone SMG Tier List for September 2020 is here
The Warzone SMG Tier List for September 2020 is here / Photo courtesy of Activision

The Warzone SMG tier list for Sept. 2020 is here to help you make the most of your loadouts.

SMGs have been kings of Warzone when it comes to speed and handling in close/mid-range fights. They are simply the most efficient way to drop an opponent in tighter distances, and we don't see that changing anytime soon.

There's a bit of a switch at the top of the list since the last tier list, so let's take a closer look at these SMGs to help you on your way in Season 5.

Warzone SMG Tier List September 2020



Coming in at the top of the list and unseating the MP5 is the MP7. The reason for the new number one is the extremely limited recoil during intense close-range battles. When kitted out for recoil and range this will be about as smooth a weapon as you could ask for. While it doesn't boast the highest damage profile, the rapid rate of fire and large magazine size more than make up the difference. Here's our expert guide to building the best MP7.



As mentioned, the MP5 was the former champ of the Warzone SMG tier list. While it's not the top dog anymore, it's still a great tool in Verdansk. It doesn't offer the limited recoil of the MP7 but it has lighting quick time-to-kill statistics to thunder opponents at close ranges.


The Fennec is all about speed, boasting one of the highest fire rates in Warzone. It has a damage profile similar to the MP7, but its small magazine capacity makes the margin for error much smaller. Misfire for even a split second, and the fire rate will have you out of rounds quick.



The AUG has come on strong in recent seasons, mainly because of the discovery of its 5.56 conversion kit. Its power is unmatched, in fact it has the fastest time-to-kill of all Warzone weapons. Where the AUG is unique is that when kitted out correctly, it really can function as a poor-man's assault rifle.


The P90 is eerily similar to the top-ranked MP7 in its fast fire rate, large magazine size and limited recoil. The difference comes in the damage profiles. The P90 suffers from damage drop-off at ranges where other SMGs remain consistent.

PP19 Bizon

While the PP19 is a fun an unique SMG to use, it's certainly not optimal. Similar to the AUG, this one can function as a pseudo-AR in many instances. Solid damage profiling with limited drop off at range, it's not as effective as an MP7 or MP5 at close ranges.



Again finding itself in the C-Tier, the Uzi looks better than it actually performs. It has notoriously quick speed and handling but its recoil makes it uncontrollable at any range that isn't point blank. Only look to the Uzi as a last resort.

Striker 45

Ironically, this bottom of the barrel SMG offers the best damage drop-off stats in its class. Althoughh, the recoil and slow fire rate completely defeat the purpose of an SMG. Look elsewhere.