Warzone Sniper Rifle Tier List July 2020

Sniper Rifles are an important part of the meta in Warzone. With the nerf to the Grau they should rise in usage once more.
Sniper Rifles are an important part of the meta in Warzone. With the nerf to the Grau they should rise in usage once more. / Photo by Chaz Frazer / DBLTAP

Warzone sniper rifle tier list is being updated to reflect the recent meta shift since the nerf to the Grau this past week in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Players tended to shy away from the high-skill weapons once the power of the Grau 5.56 was made known, but now have much reason to revisit them as a viable long-range weapon.

The recent addition of the Rytec AMR is still being sorted out, but analytic-minded gamers have already broken down the strengths and weaknesses of the weapon and as such will be reflected in this list. Continue reading to find out which Sniper Rifle is the best, pop overkill on your loadout and take it into Warzone to rain death from a far off window.

Sniper Rifle Tier List - July 2020

S Tier


The HDR takes the top spot but its still close with the following weapon. A great damage profile even at extreme ranges with very little bullet drop or leading the target needed up to 100 meters. That distance is an insane line of sight and not having to compensate at all for the most part makes this the go-to weapon for stationary sniping in Warzone.

S- Tier


The AX-50 has superior handling although the ADS time once loaded up with attachments is surprisingly close to the HDR in many respects. This weapon does have significant bullet drop and leading a target at long range is necessary. Despite this it excels at medium ranges, has a quick second shot, and can snap on to a target quite quickly with a respectable one shot kill zone.

B Tier

The Rytec AMR is mostly an anti-artillery/vehicle weapon, and its extreme ADS and handling stats make it difficult to use in Warzone. As of this writing the weapon is also currently bugged and is unable to net a one shot headshot in Warzone - despite clearly being able to as it should deal over 200 damage to the head normally.

C Tier


A snappy rifle with quick ADS and semi-auto fire, the Dragunov is a great secondary for MP, but struggles in Warzone due to the lack of a one-shot kill potential to the head in the battle royale game mode. If you happen to pick it up as loot that is fine, but switch to another option once it becomes available.