Warzone Wednesday Bracket May 13

Warzone Wednesday will see its eighth week of play on May 13.
Warzone Wednesday will see its eighth week of play on May 13. / Credit: @KEEMSTAR

Warzone Wednesday Bracket for May 13 is filled with big-name streamers, content creators and professional players alike.

Spanning two months since its inception, Warzone Wednesday is a weekly Call of Duty Battle Royale tournament hosted by YouTuber Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem. Thirty-two high-profile individuals within the gaming world will be put to the test against one another through teams of duos, seeing who can rack up the most kills.

Keemstar's $20,000 Warzone Wednesday tournament is known for cycling through a plethora of superstar gamers and bringing them under one banner for an epic weekly clash.

Warzone Wednesday Bracket May 13

After winning Week 6 and Week 7, Vikkstar123 & ItzWarsZ are back for Week 8's competition, looking to become the first three-peat duo for the tournament. Nonetheless, here is a list of all the known duos competing in Week 8:

Group A

  • bobbypoff & Tommey
  • Symfuhny & HusKerrs

Group B

  • Ninja & DrDisrespect
  • GreekGod & LydonFPS

Group C

  • KYR SP33DY & SideArms
  • Vikkstar123 & ItzWarsZ

Group D

  • NICKMERCS & Swagg
  • DougisRaw & TeePee

Group E

  • Aydan & Crimsix
  • Trainwreck & FeLo

Group F

  • Nadeshot & Cloakzy
  • skrapzg & Speros

Group G

  • NoahJ456 & Merk
  • Crowder & CouRageJD

Group H

  • Tourva & Censor
  • King Richard & Clayster

As for the remaining two duos, they have yet to be unveiled. However, they are sure to be well-known personalities within the Call of Duty community.

How does Warzone Wednesday work?

Two groups of duos load into a Warzone match as a full squad of four and attempt to obtain more kills than their counterparts. By the end of the game, the duo with more kills moves onto the next round, and the other team is sent down to the loser's bracket. In-order-to win the tournament, a duo needs to obtain the most kills out of all of the other teams of two.

When does Warzone Wednesday work?

Warzone Wednesdays start at approximately 4 p.m. ET each week.

How to Watch Warzone Wednesday

Warzone Wednesdays are casted on Keemstar's Twitch channel. Additionally, many of these notable individuals will be streaming on their own personal channels. Whether you want in on the hardcore action from a player's perspective or prefer commentary, Warzone Wednesdays has you covered.