What Does NBA 2K24 Stability Mean?

Here's what Stability means in NBA 2K24.
Here's what Stability means in NBA 2K24. / Visual Concepts

NBA 2K24 Stability has the power to improve or hurt your jump shot in MyCAREER.

Shooting in NBA 2K24 is harder than ever before. Both new and veteran players instantly noticed the increased difficulty of consistently knocking down shots from beyond the arc. Enabling the best jump shot settings and mastering your shot timing are crucial for success in 2K Sports' latest title.

A new shot attribute in NBA 2K24 called Shot Timing Stability is another way to boost your shot. Although it is easy to overlook, the developers confirmed just how impactful it can be come the fourth quarter.

Here's a breakdown of Stability in NBA 2K24.

What Does NBA 2K24 Stability Mean?

In NBA 2K24, Stability refers to Shot Timing Stability. The stat is very similar to Shot Timing Impact from NBA 2K23. The value of your Shot Timing Stability impacts the stability of your jump shot.

As games go on, your Shot Timing Stability becomes even more important. Mike Wang, the Gameplay Director for NBA 2K, revealed, "Higher Stability grades will further dampen the effects of fatigue/defense on your shot speed."

Your Shot Timing Stability directly combats your depleting stamina in NBA 2K24. Even with a tired MyPLAYER, your shot will be more stable in terms of speed and accuracy thanks to a high Shot Timing Stability. Defenders have less of an impact on your shot as well.

How to Change NBA 2K24 Shot Timing Stability

Players can change their NBA 2K24 Shot Timing Stability when customizing their MyCAREER jump shot. As you test out different bases and releases, the shot attribute, along with Release Height, Release Speed, and Defensive Immunity, changes at the top of the screen.

The best jump shots in NBA 2K24 will have a highly graded Timing Stability.

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