What is a Good Internet Speed for Apex Legends

Photo courtesy Respawn

A good internet speed for Apex Legends is recommended to be 512kbits/s or around 230mbytes/h. Entertainment Arts members also recommend not being on a tethered mobile hotspot, as it will cause more lag and drops with the game. But some players state that they have no choice and it works fine for them. This occurrence of good internet speed to prevent lag may also be the fault of the servers.

What is a Good Internet Speed for Apex Legends?

Anything above 230 mbytes/h is a good internet speed for Apex Legends. But if players are still experiencing high amounts of lag, then make sure that there are no other programs running in the background by going to the task manager application and closing out all applications besides Apex Legends.

Even with closed-out applications, the problem may not necessarily lie with the user and their wifi but with Apex and their net code as well as the servers that they use. As a player had recommended that during the day with a lot of players online created a lot of lag, but at night and in the servers for Asia had a real difference in lag experience, also recommending to get a VPN in order to get the best experience for playtime.

Another option to help get faster internet for Apex Legends is to lower the quality of the game as you play. By going to the game settings and changing the resolution and graphic quality, experiment with the different settings to see what will make the game still enjoyable to view, but also enjoyable to play.