What is MIT in Overwatch 2?

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 had a massive resurgence of Overwatch players following its release in early October. One of the major differences between Overwatch and Overwatch 2 is the transition from 6 vs. 6 down to 5 vs. 5. Although the game has declined from its peak from the backend of 2022, the game still has a significantly sized player count in 2023.

Many of the statistics calculated in Overwatch 2 are the same as in the original game, like damage dealt and healing done. Although, there is one statistic that seems different. A statistic called MIT has replaced what was previously known as damage blocked.

There are a couple questions that players have about this new statistic. What does MIT stand for, and what does it calculate?

What is MIT in Overwatch 2?

MIT stands for "damage mitigated," which is slightly different than the previous "blocked damage" statistic. MIT accounts for blocked damage and all abilities that help prevent damage taken. A key ability for this is Nano Boost (Z) from Ana, which grants 50% damage reduction to her ally. This statistic would also include the shields from Reinhardt, Zarya, and Winston.

This statistic is an improvement from solely damage blocked because it encompasses more of the heroes within the game. MIT can help players understand whether they are contributing to the team effectively, and it will be a useful statistic to use during the upcoming Overwatch 2 season.