What is the Apex Legends Random Legend Picker?

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Having trouble deciding which Legend to play in Apex Legends? Or maybe you want to leave it to fate. Here's what you need to know about the Apex Legends Random Legend Picker.

When a game offers players a varied roster of characters to choose and learn, many often gravitate towards one in particular. If you're an Apex player, you might have a main that you know inside and out — one that you know will serve you well no matter the match. But some players like a challenge, and some can't quite decide, preferring to leave their Legend choice up to chance.

That's where the Apex Legends Random Legend Picker comes in handy.

Apex Legends Random Legend Picker: How Does it Work?

The Apex Legends Random Legend Picker does pretty much what it says on the tin. A Legend Picker is an online tool that will randomly select a Legend for you to play.

Players simply select a Legend Picker from online and use it to randomize the choices. Tools that have been kept up to date will usually include all the latest Legends. Some even offer the ability to randomize Skins and Weapons so players can really leave everything up to chance.

These tools are often free to use and plentiful online, so it shouldn't take much searching to find one to use. Give one a try next time you hop into Apex Legends — perhaps you'll stumble across your new main.