What Patch is MSI 2023 Played on?

Courtesy of Riot Games

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is the first major international tournament of the year for League of Legends. The tournament always follows the spring split of every region, but the tournament's format has slightly changed to enable more teams to qualify this year. Since there are only two international tournaments per year in League of Legends, the additional teams have been welcomed by fans.

The entire tournament is usually played on a particular patch, which means that the meta stays the same and teams do not have to alter game plans as frequently. Doing this also allows players to be more prepared for their games by practicing the characters that have been meta for a fcouple weeks prior to the tournament.

With all this being said, which patch will MSI be played on?

What Patch is MSI 2023 Played on?

The 2023 MSI tournament will be fully taking place on Patch 13.8, which is scheduled to release on Wednesday of next week. This will give players about two weeks to prepare for the possible meta that will unfold at the tournament.

This also means that Patch 13.8 will not bring significant changes to the game, as Riot Games said that they would not want any champion to come from nowhere and take over the tournament.