What Patch is Worlds 2022 Played On?

Worlds 2022 Azir Splash Art
Worlds 2022 Azir Splash Art / Courtesy of Riot Games

Worlds 2022 will be played on Patch 12.18 starting on Sept. 29 and ending Nov. 5.

Every year, Riot Games hosts a world championship tournament for their flagship MOBA, League of Legends, where players from around the world compete to see which team is the best. Many players tune in to cheer their favorite teams on and watch League of Legends be played at arguably the highest level.

While Worlds 2022 will no doubt be extremely popular, many fans often have the same questions with the most notable being: What patch will Worlds 2022 be played on?

What Patch is Worlds 2022 Played On?

Worlds 2022 started on Sept. 29 and will be ending on Nov. 5. For fans of League of Legends wondering which patch Worlds is currently being played on, look no further. Worlds 2022 is currently being played on Patch 12.18. While Patch 12.19 will be releasing on Oct. 5, Worlds 2022 will stay on Patch 12.18 throughout the entirety of the world championship tournament.

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