What's the Fortnite Battle Pass Song?

The Fortnite Battle Pass Song is a Tik Tok sensation.
The Fortnite Battle Pass Song is a Tik Tok sensation. / Epic Games

A Tik Tok has resurfaced featuring the viral Fortnite Battle Pass song.

Fortnite is no stranger to producing viral content since its release in 2017. Clips of Ninja battling Tfue, Symfuhny's edits, and more propelled the game into mainstream culture. Although the initial hype has worn off throughout the years, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 and Creative 2.0 have brought the game back to the spotlight.

A new season means a new Battle Pass for players to purchase and complete as they explore the new Japanese-inspired biome on the southeast portion of the map. The latest update reminded fans of the old video that became a sensation in 2022.

What's the Fortnite Battle Pass Song?

In response to an open verse challenge on Tik Tok, Abdul Cisse posted a Duet about buying the Fortnite Battle Pass. The sound is a comedic take on players' rush to buy the Battle Pass, before ending with multiple assertions about how much he likes Fortnite.

The short song garnered millions of views. Then, his verse was released as its own sound on Tik Tok and gained even more popularity. The song, remixed with Salem Ilese's original Tik Tok, ventured to YouTube, and still pops up whenever a new season of Fortnite drops.