What's New in Madden 22?

Madden 22 aims to bring plenty of new features and improvements to the series.
Madden 22 aims to bring plenty of new features and improvements to the series. / Photo courtesy of EA
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Wha's new in Madden 22? This year's edition is something of a watershed moment for the franchise. The last entry in the series disappointed many of its longtime fans, so EA is looking to bounce back from that failure with a big win this year. Fortunately, the company has lined up a bevy of new features to bring players back on board.

The most major change coming in Madden 22 is the addition of M-Factors. These aim to capture the ineffable effects of home field advantage, giving teams special bonuses if they can pick up enough Gameday Momentum when playing at home.

Madden 22 New Features

Each team has its own set of bonuses through the M-Factor system, and they'll change game to game. The Chicago Bears, for example, benefit from an effect called Bear Down, which makes the Away Team's kick meter move faster on the downswing. The New York Giants, on the other hand, gain the Turf War advantage, which makes the Away Team players fatigue faster.

Another new and long-requested feature is the addition of a coaching skill tree. Players will be able to hire and manage a coaching staff, and over time they'll earn Staff Points to upgrade those staff members.

There are plenty of other improvements in Madden 22. Franchise mode will be beefed up, with 35 handmade scenarios. The game's Super Bowl presentation will finally be different after several years of recycle visuals. Players will be able to switch up their plays during halftime. Crowd close-ups will show Superfans in creative and intense outfits.

EA says it's also improved the Face of the Franchise story mode, which players criticized as lacking length and depth in Madden 21. The mode will have a new story called "United We Rise," and, although EA hasn't described the improvements it's made to the mode, it says it has incorporated feedback from critics and fans in the new story.

Next-Gen Stats will keep rolling, using real-world data from actual NFL matches to give certain players bespoke animations and other improvements.

Finally, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will feature graphical improvements made possible by their more powerful hardware, relative to the last generation of consoles.

Players can check out all this and more now that Madden 22 has officially been released. It's available for purchase on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Google Stadia and PC.

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