When Do Stranger Things Skins Leave Fortnite?

Here's when the Stranger Things skins leave Fortnite.
Here's when the Stranger Things skins leave Fortnite. / Epic Games

As Fortnite OG rages on, fans want to know when the Stranger Things skins leave Fortnite.

Epic Games surprised everyone with a Stranger Things collaboration just a few days after the launch of Fortnite OG. Although the Item Shop will mainly feature Chapter 1 skins and remixes throughout November, for a brief period, everyone's favorite faces from Stranger Things, including Eleven and Chief Hopper, are available for purchase.

So, how long do players have to purchase the Stranger Things skins before they leave Fortnite?

When Do Stranger Things Skins Leave Fortnite?

The Stranger Things skins leave Fortnite on Monday, Nov. 6, 2023, at 7 p.m. ET. The three skins, along with the Stranger Things Bundle, will disappear from the Item Shop after just 24 hours in the game.

As of now, it is unclear if the skins will ever return. Prior to the most recent update, the Chief Hopper and Demogorgon skins were last seen in Fortnite over 1,400 days ago. It is safe to assume these skins will be just as rare moving forward.

Fortnite Stranger Things Bundle: All Items

The Fortnite Stranger Things Bundle includes the following skins and items:

  • Eleven skin
  • Waffle Extravaganza Back Bling
  • Hopper's Cabin Diorama Back Bling
  • Steve's Bat Pickaxe
  • Eddie's Spear Pickaxe
  • Telekinetic Power Breakfast Emote

The Bundle costs 2,500 V-Bucks. Although the price might seem a bit high for a Bundle with just one skin, the Eleven skin consists of three styles:

  • Eleven
  • Eleven (Hawkins Lab)
  • Eleven (Hawks Lab Cap)

Essentially, the Bundle offers three different skins for less than 3,000 V-Bucks.

How to Get Demogorgon in Fortnite

To get Demogorgon in Fortnite, players must purchase the rare skin from the Item Shop. Demogorgon costs 1,200 V-Bucks.

Both Demogorgon and Chief Hopper are not included in the Stranger Things Bundle. Players looking to buy the Bundle as well as the other skins must spend a total of 5,200 V-Bucks.

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