When Does Apex Legends Season 8 Start?

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With all the excitement that's taken place in Apex Legends Season 7, it's a shame that we're already talking about Season 8 being around the corner. This season gave us plenty of new features including the new map Olympus, the new Legend, Horizon, and plenty more.

However, now that we're starting to make it through the Holiday season, players are beginning to wonder what's up next. So, here's all the information we know to this point.

When Does Apex Legends Season 8 Start?

The Season 7 Battle Pass is scheduled to end on Feb. 1. 2021. So you still have over a month to max out your Battle Pass levels and complete all of your challenges. However, you should expect to get a major update on Feb. 1. that will implement significant changes to the game.

While there is always potential for the next Season start to change, as we've seen start dates be brought forward and postponed before. However, Apex Legends 2 year anniversary is on Feb. 4. So you would think they want to do a big event in celebration of the game.

Who is the New Legend for Season 8?

The most common question leading into any season is "who is the new Legend?". All players are looking to see what kind of abilities this new Legend will have, and also looking to see what Legends will be getting buffs and nerfs.

Unfortunately, to this point, we don't have any confirmation of the next Legend. There have been previous leaks of names such as Valk, Ash, Blisk and more that have been leaked previously, but we'll have to be patient in seeing who the next Legend is.

What Else to Expect

Outside of all this information, players shouldn't be expecting a new map, considering we just got Olympus at the start of Season 7. However, there is expected to be updates to the Olympus map including some new locations.

As for new weapons, there have been some dev streams that have shows some new gear, including a new bow and rifle. There's also been leaks of a new Heirloom weapon skin that is to be added as well. There should also be plenty of new cosmetics for players to put on their favorite weapon or Legend, as we see with all new Seasons. Besides that, we'll have to patiently wait to see what other details come out about the upcoming Season.