When Does Fortnitemares 2022 End?

Epic Games

Fortnitemares might have only just begun, but how long do players have before the festivities are over?

Fortnite's long awaited Fortnitemares update is here, bringing a number of spooky offerings to the island for 2022. Players have new abilities to get to grips with thanks to the new Howler Claws. Activating the Alteration Altars dotted around the map bestows players with the deadly Howler Claws turning them into a werewolf. This new transformation comes complete with the Wolfscent Ability, giving players tracking vision which repeatedly puts a mark on enemies in a nearby radius.

Players can also tap into a series of Fortnitemares quests which, once completed, unlock some exclusive cosmetic rewards. While there's plenty of content to get stuck into this year, players will only have a limited time to experience it.

Fortnitemares 2022 End Date

This year's Fortnitemares runs from Oct. 18 up until Nov. 1 at 2 a.m. ET.

Some features of this year's celebrations will be hanging around a little bit longer. Zero Build Horde Rush is available in the Discover screen until well after Fortnitemares ends. Players can check out this game mode until Nov. 15, when downtime for v22.40 is set to begin.