When Does Icebox Leave Valorant?

Riot Games

Riot Games constantly adds new cosmetics, agents, and maps to Valorant in order to help the game continuously feel refreshing for returning players. These constant updates occur every two weeks, which helps the game constantly evolve throughout the year.

The biggest change occurring with Valorant soon is the playable map rotation, which will have one map leaving it and another one replacing it. This update involves the return of Bind, which was a map that the Valorant community enjoyed. Since the map has been out of the playable rotation for a while, there have been some alterations and updates to make the map play differently within the game.

In order to make room for Bind's return, Icebox will be leaving the playable rotation until further notice. Since this is a change that directly impacts the game, here is when players can expect the map switch to transpire.

When Does Icebox Leave Valorant?

Icebox will leave Valorant upon the release of Patch 6.08, which will come out on Apr. 25. This date also marks the end of Episode 6 Act 2, while simultaneously beginning the third act. Therefore, players have a couple weeks to improve their rank before having to adjust to the new features of Bind.