When Does League of Legends Your Shop March 2023 Expire?

Riot Games

League of Legends fans look forward to new skin releases and frequent sales which are released continuously throughout each season. In order to further capitalize on skin popularity, Riot Games created "Your Shop," which offers players discounts on six skins for champions that they have played relatively recently.

This personalized shop is currently available within the game's client as its own tab, and it will be there for a little bit longer.

Here is when the current "Your Shop" expires for players in League of Legends.

When Does League of Legends Your Shop March 2023 Expire?

The Your Shop in League of Legends has been out for a little over a week, and it will stay for a few more. Specifically, the expiration date is on Mar. 16, which gives players plenty of time to choose which skins they want to purchase. This expiration date is the same as the February Prime Gaming capsule, which players can acquire to get a free skin and bonus Orange Essence.

It is important to note that Your Shop takes into consideration the recent champions you have been playing, so there will likely be a couple skins that entice you to buy something from it.