When Does Mario Golf: Super Rush Come Out?

Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Mario Golf: Super Rush recently received an overview trailer, where Nintendo announced the features, game modes, character roster, and release date of the upcoming sports game. The trailer promises many new ways to play golf on the Nintendo Switch, including local and online multiplayer, special character abilities, and even an RPG-like golf adventure.

When Does Mario Golf: Super Rush Come Out?

Mario Golf: Super Rush will release on Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2021. In the game, players can play as Mario or any of these 16 characters from Mushroom Kingdom, and test out their golfing skills.

Mario Golf: Super Rush character roster
Mario Golf: Super Rush character roster / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

The game is easy to pick up, but contains enough depth for the pros. Players can measure their shots with a shot gauge that changes based on the curvature of the course, or pull off advanced shots like curve shots and spin shots. The game supports both button and motion controls, so you can swing your Joy-Con like a golf club to make your shots like a professional golfer.

There are three different game modes in Mario Golf: Super Rush. The first is Speed Golf, where you race through the course alongside up to three other players, and try to get your ball in first. Each character available has a unique dash and a special shot, such as blowing away all the balls in front of you, which boosts yourself or interrupts your competitors.

Mario Golf: Super Rush speed golf
Speed Golf / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Another mode is Battle Golf, which is similar to Speed Golf, but played in an arena. There are nine holes in a single course, and players compete to be the first to claim three holes.

The final game mode available is an RPG-like story mode. In this mode, you can take your Mii character on a golf adventure. You'll talk to the pros, practice your technique, and level up. You can even gain skill points to spend on stats like power, movement, and spin. When you've gotten strong enough, you can challenge boss battles, or take your character into one of the other modes to compete with other players.

Mario Golf: Super Rush story mode Mii character level up system
Level up your Mii character in story mode / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Whether you're a casual gamer looking to have fun with family and friends, or a serious golfer, there's plenty to experience in the upcoming Mario Golf: Super Rush.