When Does MLB The Show 23 Come Out on Game Pass?

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MLB The Show 23 is set to release early next week on Mar. 28, which is just a couple days before the beginning of the MLB regular season. For any dedicated players looking to test the game earlier, there is an early access period that began earlier today. This early access will be available until the game officially releases in four days, which gives people some time to get a head start on Diamond Dynasty and other game modes.

One way players can acquire early access to the game is by purchasing the Early Access Bundle via the Xbox Game Pass. Since the early access is already on Game Pass, when will the full game be available on it?

When Does MLB The Show 23 Come Out on Game Pass?

MLB The Show 23 will become available on Xbox Game Pass when the official game releases on Mar. 28. So, players will be able to access the game with the Game Pass on the same day it releases to the public. The game will be playable on cloud and console, which is similar to previous years.

One important note is that players can still purchase the Early Access Bundle via Xbox Game Pass and play the game early, while simultaneously earning extra in game rewards.