When Does MLB The Show 23 Set 1 Phase Out?

San Diego Studios

One of the most popular game modes in MLB The Show is Diamond Dynasty, which allows players to collect cards via buying, selling, or trading them. After organizing a complete team, people can play offline or online with their constructed teams and earn higher rated cards. Since it is a highly played game mode, San Diego Studios has opted to make some changes this year.

The biggest alteration to Diamond Dynasty is the introduction of seasons. Previously, players could create their best team within the first couple months of the game's release, and they never had to change any of their cards. In order to fix this, San Diego Studios will have cards released in sets that are associated with the season they came out.

Core set cards will be available for the entire year, while Set 1, 2, or 3 cards will only be available for two seasons. Each season will last for about two months, so there will be a consistent rotation of Sets. With all this in mind, when will the Diamond Dynasty cards for Set 1 phase out?

When Does MLB The Show 23 Set 1 Phase Out?

Since each season in Diamond Dynasty allows players to use cards from the newest and most recent Set, there will be two playable seasons for each Set before becoming unplayable. Therefore, Set 1 cards will be usable in Season 1 and Season 2, but become obsolete in season 3.

With all this information, Diamond Dynasty's Set 1 cards will be phased out and unusable on July 7, which will mark the start of season 3.