When Does MLB The Show 23 Set 2 Come Out?

San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 23 has a popular game mode called Diamond Dynasty, which allows players to construct teams by acquiring player cards through buying, selling, or trading them. This game mode allows people to play with their favorite players across the major leagues, without having to worry about them playing on different teams in real life.

Diamond Dynasty has created Sets for each card, with the Core Set being usable for the entire year. Set 1 will be available in team building for the first two seasons in Diamond Dynasty, and each season lasts for about two months. The season mechanic within the game mode is a new feature that will make players change their teams periodically throughout the year, instead of keeping everything the same until MLB The Show 24.

Since Diamond Dynasty begins next week when the game releases, it is important to know when each Set comes out. Therefore, here is when Set 2 is scheduled to become available.

When Does MLB The Show 23 Set 2 Come Out?

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty will have its Set 2 cards become available on May 12, which will mark the beginning of Season 2. The Set 2 cards will be usable in team building during Seasons 2 and 3, but become obsolete in Season 4. So, it is imperative for players to unlock each card set early in its release to maximize the amount of time they have to use the cards in their team.