When Does NBA 2K23 Season 1 End?

When Does NBA 2K23 Season 1 End?
When Does NBA 2K23 Season 1 End? / 2K

NBA 2K23 fans are already curious about when Season 1 comes to a close.

NBA 2K23 was released to the public on Sept. 8, 2022, and since then players have had a lot of fun taking part in the release of the new game.

Season 1 of NBA 2K23 is coming to a close soon. There have definitely been a lot of fun features to Season 1 for MyTeam, MyPlayer, and MyCareer, but the time is coming when Season 2 will introduce something new.

When Does NBA 2K23 Season 1 End?

New seasons come every six weeks in NBA 2K23, which means this current season will come to a close on Oct. 21, 2022 as that is six weeks after the start of the season.

This will be a big change for players as some have already unlocked every item available this season and will be looking forward to a new list of rewards and challenges to play through. For others, this could be a final warning sign.

Once Season 1 comes to a close, all the rewards for leveling up will no longer be available to unlock for players who have not hit that Level 40 finish line yet. So now is the time to be grinding away on hitting Level 40 if you are not there yet.

Some of those items players could miss out on if they do not hit level 40 include the golf cart and hoverbike unlocked late in the season battle pass.

You can check out the trailer for Season 1 of the game below, it won't be too long until we will see another trailer for the next season in the game!