When Does Rebirth Island Return in Warzone Pacific?

Image courtesy of Activision

Warzone players might be missing Rebirth Island after its removal in Warzone Pacific, but it seems it might be gearing up for a return.

With Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and the new Caldera map still reasonably fresh in everyone's minds, many players might remember the removal of Rebirth Island following Warzone Pacific's Early Access period.

Rebirth Island quickly became a fan favorite mode in Warzone, released back in 2020 as part of the Season One content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. With it's close-quarters combat, the fast-paced and often chaotic nature of Rebirth Island was hard to hate. Since its release, Rebirth Island has almost always been featured in the Warzone playlists, so its absence has been truly noted.

Thankfully, though, it seems that player prayers have been answered. Raven Software have confirmed that Rebirth Island is coming back to Warzone. So, when can we drop back in?

When Does Rebirth Island Return in Warzone Pacific?

Raven Software have confirmed that Rebirth Island will be added back into the playlists in Week 2, which kicks off tomorrow on Dec. 16.

No doubt this will come as exciting news for Warzone players, putting an end to the week-long vacation the mode has taken. Players will be geared up to test out the latest Vanguard weapons in this popular and cosy map.

So far, players have only had Vanguard Resurgence to fill the void of Rebirth. While it is similar, it's just not the same. Here's hoping that the return of Rebirth Island will get fans feeling pumped towards the next week of Warzone Pacific.