When Does the Diablo IV Beta End?


Players are hellbent on getting access to the Diablo IV Beta - After issues involving servers were resolved, media representatives and Diablo IV pre-order purchasers were able to get a glimpse into the latest iteration of Blizzard's famous ARPG series - though the Beta doesn't last forever. Here's what you need to know about when Diablo IV's Beta ends.

Diablo IV advances the gameplay of the previous games in a brand-new package. Players create a character from a number of playable classes and dive into the dark fantasy world Sanctuary, slaying monsters, demons and other foul creatures in its expansive and intricate dungeons.

When Does the Diablo IV Beta End?

The Diablo IV Early Access Beta ends on Mar. 20, but players will get another chance to experience the game when the Open Beta begins on Mar. 24. This allows all players on PC and consoles to join in, not just those who pre-ordered the game. This beta includes Act I of the game and runs until Mar. 27, giving players the weekend to grind out dungeons and level up their characters to Level 25.

Players who participate in the Betas also get access to exclusive rewards that carry over to the retail version of the game, so be on the lookout for those as you play in the Beta.