When is Breeze Coming Back to Valorant?

Breeze is coming back to Valorant in Episode 7 Act 2.
Breeze is coming back to Valorant in Episode 7 Act 2. / Riot Games

Breeze is finally coming back to Valorant after being removed from the game over eight months ago.

Riot Games often removes maps from the competitive rotation for months at a time to implement changes to bomb sites and overall layouts to promote more diverse play styles. At the start of 2023, Bind and Breeze were both taken out of the map pool to make room for the return of Split and the debut of Lotus.

Bind was only under rennovation for four months, reappearing in Valorant Patch 6.08 back in April. Breeze, on the other hand, was kept out of the limelight for much longer, prompting fans to wonder if they would see the paradise-inspired map again in 2023.

Now, Riot Games has officially revealed when Breeze is returning to Valorant.

When is Breeze Coming Back to Valorant?

Breeze is coming back to Valorant on Tuesday, Aug. 29 with the launch of Episode 7 Act 2. The map will make its return with a few changes as Fracture and Pearl leave the rotation.

The adjustments on Breeze might make the map feel new, but there will also be a brand new map coming in Episode 7 Act 2 called Sunset. The map is rumored to take place in Los Angeles and will be revealed on Aug. 26 during Valorant Champions 2023.

Valorant Breeze Changes Coming in Episode 7 Act 2

All the Valorant Breeze changes coming in Episode 7 Act 2 can be seen in before and after photos posted on the Valorant Twitter account.

The main change to Breeze is mid pillar. There is now a wall connected to the boxes on the side of mid pillar, preventing players from being able to rotate around the pillar. The added wall provides a new mid cubby on the opposite side for players to tuck themselves into.

B Site has also received some adjustments, particularly the removal of the backside stairs. Now, players will have to jump onto boxes to get onto the site.

The second biggest change to the map is the removal of the A Hall pathway. The open space is now blocked off, taking away the option for a flank. Plus, the mid doors have been made just a bit wider.

Lastly, the Chop Shop entrance is now the main entrance for A Main, eliminating the multiple angles players would have to watch when holding the area. And, the A Site pyramids now finally have distinctive markings: a shrimp and a crab to make callouts less confusing.