Valorant Bind Changes Coming in Patch 6.08

Bind is returning on Apr. 25.
Bind is returning on Apr. 25. / Riot Games

Bind is coming back to Valorant in Patch 6.08 with significant changes to the A Site.

Bind and Breeze were removed from Valorant's map pool at the start of 2023 to make room for the return of Split and new map, Lotus. Developers aimed to improve Bind with adjustments that inspire a more diverse play style.

Here's a breakdown of all the changes coming to Bind on Apr. 25.

Valorant Bind Changes Coming in Patch 6.08

Let's check out the changes coming to Bind in Act III.

A Teleporter Exit and A Bath Entrance

A Teleporter Exit is now much closer to A Bath's entrance. The elevated platform leading up to the exit remains the same, though there are less boxes at the top. A Bath's entrance is also significantly wider.

A Bath Interior and A Bath Exit to A Site

Just like the A Bath entrance, A Bath's Interior and A Bath's exit to A site are both wider. The cubby wall is also narrower, taking up less space inside the interior.

A Site Wall and A Site Back Wall

The A Site wall now has a small cannister that players can hop onto for better elevation. A Site's back wall has been flattened, no longer sporting a slight curve in the middle. Now, there will be less of an angle to hold near the doorway.

A Site Radianite Crates

A Site's Radianite crates are now two sets of 1x2 and 2x2 boxes. Defenders will have a lot more sightlines looking into the site. Attackers will also have more space to plant the Spike.

B Hall to B Site Doorway and B Elbow

Similar to the A Site changes, B Hall's doorway to B Site is wider, giving attackers a better view of the Defender Side Spawn. There are also now a few vents along the wall connecting B Site and B Elbow. One vent is open, and could be a new spot to shoot or throw utilities through.