When is League of Legends Your Shop Coming Back?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The League of Legends Your Shop takes place periodically and consists of six champion skins that are listed at a discounted price. Your Shop usually takes into account the recent champions that you have spent time playing, and it tries to offer you deals that coincide with champions you play.

The current My Shop has been extended until Mar. 16, which has given players plenty of time to think about the skins they like and want to purchase.

Since Your Shop is such a great deal for every League of Legends player, many are wondering when the next one will occur.

When is League of Legends Your Shop Coming Back?

Since the current Your Shop is still in the League of Legends client, it is likely that the future shop will not be released for a decent time period. Based on past Your Shop releases, Riot Games usually creates a new one every couple months. Sometimes, they can release within a month of the previous Your Shop, but usually it will be two months. Therefore, players should look for the next Your Shop to release during late April or sometime in May.

Since the Your Shop is still currently available for a couple more weeks, players should take advantage and buy the skins available at a discount before the deals expire.