When is the Pokémon Go Kanto Cup 2021?

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Pokémon Go / Credit to Niantic

When is the Pokémon Go Kanto Cup in 2021?

The Kanto Cup was chosen by players to be the next Pokémon Go cup to come to the Battle League. The decision was made by popular vote through the official Pokémon Go twitter page. Players were given the choice between 4 different options: the Little Cup, the Kanto Cup, the Retro Cup, and the Element Cup.

All players will be able to participate in the Player's Choice Kanto Cup alongside the Master League competitions.

When is the Pokémon Go Kanto Cup 2021?

The Kanto Cup will be available from Nov. 8 through the 22, the exact same window of opportunity players have to participate in the Master League and Master League Premier Classic competitions.

Players will only be able to enter the cup with pokémon from the Kanto region, which are the original 151 pokémon. Players are also restricted to using Pokémon with less than 1,500 CP. These restrictions make the cup a great alternative to the Master League competitions which feature some of the most challenging battles between players.