When Will Kingdom Hearts 4 Be Released?

Image courtesy of Square Enix/Disney

Kingdom Hearts 4 likely won't release anytime soon, despite the latest Nvidia leaks.

The well-loved Disney and Square Enix cross-over series, Kingdom Hearts, has had a plethora of installments over the years but only three main series games since its debut in 2002. With various spin-offs, prequels, and sequels, the series is notorious for having confusing plot lines, but that only makes it that much more special for die-hard fans.

Players who have been following the recent Nvidia database leaks may have noticed an entry for Kingdom Hearts 4 nestled amongst other releases. While the validity of these leaks is still up in the air, many have seen the listing as a positive sign. Despite this, though, fans shouldn't get too hopeful about any Kingdom Hearts 4 news coming anytime soon.

Nvidia has stated that many of the titles listed are "speculative." Some developers have already come out against the list, saying that the information is inaccurate. In regards to a PC listing for Halo 5: Guardians, community director Brian Jarrard confirmed that there were no plans for this port, and that the listing may have actually been referring to Halo 5: Forge.

It's definitely possible that the same is true for Kingdom Hearts 4, as speculation for a future installment to the franchise is a reasonable expectation. But fans of the series know that these games do not come out fast. With a 14 year gap between the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3, many of us might be hitting middle age before we see the next main entry materialize.

When Will Kingdom Hearts 4 Be Released?

As of yet, there has been no confirmation from Square Enix that Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development and no timeline has been set for it's release.

Even if we're fortunate enough to see Kingdom Hearts 4 before going gray, Square Enix has a number of big projects coming out in the next few years which they're likely to focus on. With Forspoken coming out in 2022 and Final Fantasy XVI appearing eventually, it's fairly safe to say that Square Enix won't be short of big hitters in near future.