Where Does the Hand Go in Scorn?

Ebb Software

Looking to find where to use the hand in Scorn? Here's what to do to keep progressing through the puzzles in Act I.

Complex puzzles make up the majority of Scorn's gameplay, and the beginning of the game is no exception. Once you've completed the alien egg puzzles and moved the crane, you'll find that a disembodied hand was left behind by the body you moved.

Where Does the Hand Go in Scorn?

After you've picked up the hand from the chair, head over to the room to the left of the main door. Along the path is a machine with a bright light above it. Insert the hand into the machine and it'll give you a similar device to the one used to control the alien devices.

At this point, you now have a way to open the main door. Return to it, and interact with the panel on the left. The hand and its device will activate the panel. Next, interact with the panel on the right with your own hands, and the door will open, leading you to the next area.

Don't worry about losing your progress halfway — the game autosaves at different checkpoints and manually saves upon exiting. For those struggling with puzzles, the game may take some extra time, so be sure to plan carefully and save whenever you get the chance.