Does Scorn Have Auto Save?

Ebb Software

Autosave has prevented countless gamers from losing precious in-game progress, and now that Scorn has finally been released gamers might be wondering if it will feature this helpful system.

Ebb Software is adding to this year's Halloween season with the release of its horror game Scorn. Horror fans will find themselves in horrifying environments filled with grotesque creatures haunting them as they work to solve complex puzzles to survive in the mysterious world of Scorn.

Does Scorn Have Auto Save?

Those who are playing Scorn will be happy to hear that it does have an autosave checkpoint system present. Something to note, though: There is no official manual save option available. This could make it difficult whenever a player comes to a game over screen as they will be sent back to the last checkpoint they've reached. There is a way to sort of manually save though, by exiting the game. Doing so will trigger the auto save system and players should be able to resume from where they left off.

Ebb Software's Scorn is available now on Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC. Game Pass subscribers will be pleased to hear that Scorn is also available on the service. Players looking for more chilling experiences can check out our top five horror game lists for Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus.