Where is the White Raven in Apex Legends?

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

Most Legends in Apex Legends have received their own Lore Quests, and in Season 10 Bloodhound gets theirs. To complete Bloodhound's quest, players must be on the lookout for very specific White Ravens around the World's Edge map. Here are where to find these three White Ravens in Apex Legends.

Firstly, players will need to be playing as Bloodhound, as it is their quest. Once loaded into a World's Edge game, there will be a passive tracker to help players locate the Ravens. Drop into Lava Siphon to begin, where a Raven will be highlighted on the map in yellow to be collected. Interacting this item will start the next part of the quest.

Where is the White Raven in Apex Legends

Footprints will be visible after starting this quest, and as the bird flies away, the player should follow the trail to get to the next Raven. This is a random location it will be taking the player to, so don't expect to always follow the same trail every time.

After finding that Raven, the next chapter will begin. This time, travel to the area between Landslide and Skyhook. Here you will find a highlighted Raven once again. Follow the footsteps after interacting with it again to be led to the Epicenter, where you can interact with another Raven and get information about the Legend themselves.

In the third part of this quest, there will be three Ravens to find. One in the Epicenter, which will then lead the player through the Climatizer and to a campfire. Interact with this to be led to another area in the northeast part of the map, interacting with the Raven here will unlock the final part of the quest.

The final piece will start in the firing range, where after calling for a dropship on the helipad the player will be taken to World's Edge. Here, there will be a path to follow where you can complete the quest. After this, the quest will be finished, and players who do this will also receive some Apex Packs for doing so.