Where to Fight Bosses in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Wolverine

Where do you find the bosses in Fortnite Chapter 2 Seaosn 4?
Where do you find the bosses in Fortnite Chapter 2 Seaosn 4? / Photo by Epic Games

Boss enemies were a mainstay of the game since Chapter 2 Season 2. Players would scramble to raid the locations where the Bosses were to grab their powerful Mythic Weapons. This season, there are only a handful of bosses compared to the previous two. Here's where to find the Boss enemies in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom was the first boss in Chapter 2 Season 4. You find him in Doom's Domain, the former Pleasant Park. He's either hiding in the Vault area beneath the soccer pitch or inside the big Doom House at the end of town.

If he's in the Doom House, be sure to take him out before he can use his Mystical Bomb, as it will burn down the house and you with it. Sometimes, the burning house will take him out as well.

If he's in the vault area, try to catch him away from the Vault, as the LMG-toting Henchmen will give you a hard time.

When you've bested Doom, you can grab his keycard and two Mythic abilities. His Arcane Gauntlets have unlimited ammo and fires a green firebomb in an arc. It has chain-lightning properties and can hit multiple enemies with one shot if they're close enough. Try this on a downed enemy to zap their buddies in Squads. With the Gauntlets on, you can also double jump with a 10-second cooldown. The Superpower, Mystical Bomb, hurls a large green blast that can break structures.

Iron Man

Since there are fewer bosses this season, the areas they spawn in are usually a hot spot. Iron Man's weapons and powers are extremely powerful, so many players go directly to Stark Industries to seek him out. Typically, Iron Man is found in the lab at the main Industry building. If you're facing the building, the lab is the rightmost corner in front of you. It's the closest corner to the radio tower, where the Choppa and Vault are located.

When fighting him, watch out for his Unibeam. It does 90 damage and you do not want to get hit by it. An easy way to take out Iron Man is to Boogie Bomb him as he charges his Unibeam.

Besting Iron Man will get you his Repulsor Gauntlets, Unibeam power, and keycard. The Repulsors fire an energy beam straight ahead, and can even home in on faraway enemies. You also get a jetpack-like ability you can use every 20 seconds. The Unibeam charges up and fires a giant laser that can tear through two layers of the structure. You can still aim while charging, so you can use it as a combination RPG/Sniper Rifle.


Old Logan might be the toughest of the bosses this season. He aggressively runs you down with a flurry of claw swipes. He can be found in Slurpy Swamp or Weeping Woods. It's estimated that Wolverine has 1,000 total health and shields, but he has his signature regeneration ability that makes him extremely difficult to take down. Try to get him at range and from the high ground, as you'll be in for a bad time if you try to get him with a shotgun. If you beat him, you'll get his Claws as a superpower.

They give you the same suite of melee attacks Wolverine uses as a boss. Besides the claw swipes, you also get a buff to speed and recover health over time. Wolverine doesn't have a Vault, so your only rewards are the claws and the satisfaction of using melee weapons in a shooter.