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Which Faction to Join in New World

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At Level 10, players will be faced with an important choice: which faction should you join in New World?

Factions are an important element for any player looking to take advantage of New World's PvP system. Factions hold ground across the continent, with each one looking to conquer as much territory as possible. Depending on what areas your faction controls, players will see certain benefits when traversing through these territories.

For example, Faction territories offer buffs which makes it easier to deal with any enemies in the area. New World also has the ability to claim territory from other factions, but in order to do so, the opposing faction will need to be undermined. To do this, players will be undertaking Faction Missions which involve the standard PvE or the more challenging PvP.

Each faction also has unique equipment which can be purchased using the faction's designated currency. The benefits of having faction equipment is mostly cosmetic, so there likely won't be any benefit over having one faction's equipment to another.

Which Faction to Join in New World

So, which faction should you join in New World? It's an important choice, but one you'll only be able to make once you've reached Level 10. There are three factions to choose from:

  • The Marauders: a ruthless military force bent on establishing a free nation. They take value in strength and determination.
  • The Syndicate: dealing in shadows and secrets. They're on the pursuit of forbidden knowledge, using their guile and intellect to succeed.
  • The Covenant: Divine champions driven by faith. They fight with righteousness and justice to defend all living things.

Overall, the choice in faction won't affect too much when it comes to the story but it will likely have an impact on your experience out in the wild. Joining the largest faction might be the a good start for new players looking to get a lay of the land. Those looking for more of a challenge might want to try the smaller faction. This way, players might feel a bit more involved when it comes to Faction Missions where the need to claim territory becomes that much greater.

It's worth noting that players will have the option of switching factions if they're not feeling the one they've joined. This can be done once every 120 days, for an Azoth fee. So, whichever faction you do end up choosing, it's good to know that it doesn't have to be a permanent decision.