Who is Ash in Apex Legends?

Ash is a mysterious figure in Apex Legends.
Ash is a mysterious figure in Apex Legends. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Who is Ash in Apex Legends? The mysterious character appeared as the narrator for the Apex Legends Legacy gameplay trailer, and as the apparent host of the Arenas game mode. Ash's history goes back to Titanfall 2, but she's only (somewhat) recently joined the Apex Legends' narrative. Here's what you need to know about her.

Who is Ash in Apex Legends?

Ash first appeared in Titanfall 2 as an enemy pilot, a simulacrum working for the mercenary Kuben Blisk. (Blisk goes on to run the Apex Games.) She's on the hunt for Titanfall 2's protagonist, Jack Cooper, because she wants to turn him in and collect the bounty on his head. She does her hunting in a sword-wielding Titan that the player ultimately destroys, appearing to kill her.

Ash was missing in action from then until Apex Legends Season 5, when players reconstructed her head in the Broken Ghost quest. The epilogue for the quest then saw the player return Ash's head to her body in a bunker under Kings Canyon. Ash had several voice lines that could play as players approached her body, but once her head was restored, she would say "all roads lead to Branthium," and then welcome the player to Olympus — months before the map was revealed in Season 7.

Ash next appeared in a Season 6 comic, where Pathfinder introduced her as his girlfriend. A Pathfinder voice line that can play when approaching Hammond Labs on Olympus says he found Ash in a dumpster outside of the labs. She had lost her memory, but Rampart accidentally restores those memories when meeting her for the first time. After that, Blisk visits her alone and tells her an "old friend" of hers has resurfaced. The two leave Pathfinder's home together.

In the Season 7 Stories from the Outlands episode "Promise," Horizon's and her assistant Ashleigh Reid travel far and wide to collect a resource called Branthium. Reid ultimately abandons Horizon in space after finding a shard of Branthium. The similarities between Ashleigh and Ash's names, plus some similarity of appearance, has led fans to suspect they're the same person. This would also mean Horizon is the "old friend" that resurfaced.

Ash runs the underground deathmatch arena that players can participate in in the Arenas game mode. She wants to bring these deathmatches to the Apex Games, but beyond that her goals are unclear. Likely she wants revenge on whoever destroyed her the first time, but what she wants with Horizon is unknown — after all, she betrayed Horizon, not the other way around.

Ash appears poised to stay a background player in Apex's story for the foreseeable future rather than a playable character, in the same vein as Blisk, but there's nothing saying she won't one day join the Games.