Who is Ted Lasso? FIFA 23 Collaboration Detailed

Photo by EA Sports

EA Sports announced a new FIFA 23 collaboration with popular TV show Ted Lasso bringing characters from the show to life.

Ted Lasso characters and imagery will be featured across FIFA 23 modes including Online Seasons, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and more. For those who haven't seen the popular Apple TV show, they might be wondering who Ted Lasso is, what it is, and what's actually getting added to FIFA.

Who is Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso is a fictional character portrayed by actor Jason Sudeikis in an Apple TV show by the same name. Lasso was originally created as a character by Sudeikis and co-star Brendan Hunt. The basis of the character is that he's an American football coach who has no knowledge of football, or soccer. Sudeikis later portrayed Lasso in NBC skits in a partnership with Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur.

An Apple TV show debuted in 2020 featuring a new story with Sudeikis portraying Lasso coming over to England to coach fictional Premier League club AFC Richmond. The show has two seasons with a third currently in production.

Is Ted Lasso in FIFA 23?

Ted Lasso, along with Coach Beard who is portrayed by Hunt, are in FIFA 23. According to EA Sports' press release, Ted Lasso is available as a selectable manager of AFC Richmond in Career Mode. Lasso and Coach Beard are also available as Manager Items in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Is AFC Richmond in FIFA 23?

AFC Richmond is a playable club in FIFA 23 modes. Players can manage Richmond in Career or create a player to join AFC Richmond. As well, AFC Richmond can be played in Kick Off, Online Friendlies and Online Seasons.

Is Roy Kent in FIFA 23?

Roy Kent, portrayed in the show by Brett Goldstein, is one of the many players available as part of AFC Richmond in FIFA 23.

Is Jamie Tartt in FIFA 23?

Jamie Tartt is available as a player on AFC Richmond in FIFA 23.

Is Sam Obisanya in FIFA 23?

Sam Obisanya is available as a player on AFC Richmond in FIFA 23.

Is Dani Rojas in FIFA 23?

Dani Rojas is available as a player on AFC Richmond in FIFA 23.

Is Rebecca Welton in FIFA 23?

Rebecca Welton is the fictional owner of AFC Richmond in the Apple TV show portrayed by Hannah Waddingham. No information has been revealed whether or not she'll be part of Career Mode cutscenes or pictured in crowds.

Is Nelson Road Stadium in FIFA 23?

Nelson Road is the home stadium of AFC Richmond in the Apple TV show. The stadium is playable in FIFA 23 modes and it is also included in Pro Clubs.

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