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Who is the Best Legend in Apex Legends Season 10?

Here's our take on who the best legend in Apex Legends Season 10 is.
Here's our take on who the best legend in Apex Legends Season 10 is. / Respawn Entertainment

Do you know who is the best legend in Apex Legends Season 10? We've put together our thoughts, below.

A win in Apex Legends is as much due to a player's skill as their choice of character. Each legend on the roster has their own abilities, skill threshold, and technical requirement that makes them unique. When paired together, a well-practiced player can truly make their legend shine.

Here's our take on who the best legend in Apex Legends Season 10 is.

The Best Legend in Apex Legends Season 10

Currently, based on the pick and win rates within Season 10, we believe the best legend in the game is Wraith.

Wraith's pick rate is second only to Octane at 11.5%. The two have kits tailored to movement on the field and, therefore, have among the best mobility in-game. Wraith, in particular, has a swift out of any tough situation with Into the Void and can be alerted to nearby danger with Voices from the Void—giving her decent avenues for survivability. This has led to her 16% win rate in battle royale and 59% in arenas.

A close second to Wraith would be Valkyrie with a 5% pick rate and a 17%/55% win rate in battle royale and arenas, respectively. She's not as mobile as Wraith, but her extra support-style abilities help carry her team to victory more often than not. Players may find her a bit more strategic than Wraith—who can pop her tactical and sprint away—but those who master that strategy underfire will be greatly rewarded.

Our pick for the third best legend in Apex would be Horizon. In battle royale games like Apex Legends, the ability to push and pull your opponents' positions to your whim is invaluable. This is essentially the explanation for Horizon's kit—tailored to move others around her on a dime. Horizon's win rates in battle royales and arenas are 15% and 62%, respectively. Her pick rate across modes is 4.6%—the lowest of our suggestions.

Of course, the win rates listed by ApexLegendsStatus are only taken from the top 100 players, so it's always possible this data isn't 100% accurate. Regardless of the small pool, we still believe this data could be represented in the larger population of the game.

The best legend should be someone who is easy to learn but also has a skill ceiling that allows them to remain a competitive pick in the meta at higher levels. They should strike a balance where casual players shouldn't get frustrated when playing them while, at the same time, they cannot simply be "face-rolled" into a win.

At the end of the day, though, the best legend is one the player feels the most comfortable using and finds the most success with.