Who is Valkyries' Dad in Apex Legends?

Valkyrie in the Northstar cinematic
Valkyrie in the Northstar cinematic / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Who is Valkyries' dad in Apex Legends? A question many Apex Legends fans have been asking. 

Apex Legends’ Season 9, Apex Legends: Legacy, was released on May 4. As it’s customary with a new season, weapons, abilities, and legends received buffs and nerfs. Apart from that, new additions came to the game in the form of a new weapon, a new game mode, Apex Legends Arenas, and a new legend, Valkyrie.

Who is Valkyries' Dad in Apex Legends?

Before Season 9’s release, Respawn and EA unveiled a new cinematic. In the cinematic, the newly released legend, Kariri Imahara or Valkyrie, as she’s known, was shown to be the newcomer of the playable characters.

The cinematic portrayed Valkyrie as the main character seeking revenge over her father’s death. Brief glimpses of other characters were shown with one of the most notable ones being a mustached man. This mustached man, Viper, was later revealed to be her father.

Viper is a nod to one of Respawn’s games, Titanfall 2. In it, he is a boss in which you must fight in the single-player The Ark mission.

EA’s official website has a little bit more information on both Valkyrie and her father.