Who Voices Gekko in Valorant?

Gekko is Valorant's newest Agent.
Gekko is Valorant's newest Agent. / Riot Games

Riot Games has launched a brand new Agent in Valorant Episode 6: Act II — Gekko. But who's the actor behind Gekko's voice lines?

Valorant fans had been patiently waiting for the reveal of the game's next Agent. And now, with the 6.04 patch live, Gekko has entered into play. This LA-based Agent is the sixth Initiator to enter into the roster and he's armed with a variety of eclectic creatures, used to help scatter opponents in the field.

Gekko takes on a vibrant and colorful appearance, with light, lime-green hair and a green/purple color scheme that carries on throughout his look. Based off this alone, the Agent is set to become a fan-favorite, but plenty of Valorant players are keen to learn more about the Initiator, like who voices him.

Who Voices Gekko in Valorant?

Gekko is voiced by voice actor Alejandro Antonio Ruiz, who provides both the English and Spanish-speaking voice lines for the new Agent.

According to IMDB, Alejandro Antonio Ruiz is a bilingual Mexican-American actor based in Los Angeles, sharing these similarities with Gekko.

Ruiz took to Twitter to announce his involvement with Valorant, saying "I’m so grateful to voice Gekko & join the amazing cast of Valorant."

"Thank you @AtlasTalent , @RiotParmCheesy , @cynprel , @Joshingtron , @SideGlobal , & everyone at @riotgames for your trust & letting me bring so much of myself to Gekko. To my fellow Latin-American Angelenos: I hope that, when you hear Gekko, he feels a lil bit like home."

Gekko is available to play in-game now, with the launch of Valorant Episode 6: Act II.