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Why is it So Hard to Shoot in NBA 2K22?

Photo by Visual Concepts/2K Games

Why is it so hard to shoot in NBA 2K22?

The difficulty of NBA 2K shooting mechanics sparks a conversation amongst fans every year at the start of a new game.

Over the past few editions of 2K, shooting has been described as being a lot more difficult than in previous years. In NBA 2K22, public opinion seems to have remained the same about the difficulty of the shooting mechanic.

Why is it So Hard to Shoot in NBA 2K22?

With shooting being such a fundamental part of the 2K series, it attracts a lot of attention and criticism. This year, shooting is being put into an even bigger spotlight since last year's 2K was regarded as one of the hardest years to be good at shooting ever.

In Sam Pham Tips and Tutorials' which is posted above, he goes through his tips that will help anyone develop a better jump shot this season.

So far, the shooting in NBA 2K22 has felt a mechanic that will be a lot easier after players get used to its features including the meter, timing, and court positioning.

As every year goes by, one of the important things to remember about every sports game that comes out is that they become easier with time and practice. As obvious as that may seem, it is always important to never get frustrated and to just keep practicing.