Winners and Losers from TFT Patch 12.13

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Patch 12.13 brought many new changes to the meta, leaving certain units in a better spot than others. Here are the winners and losers from the current patch.

Winners and Losers from TFT Patch 12.13

Winner: Varus

To those saying that Varus was already strong in the previous patch, that's the point. Varus took a small hit to his attack speed in Patch 12.13, but considering every build for Varus includes a Rageblade, this hardly makes an impact. Couple that with the Astral buffs that came out (the general AP buff not the ones that were so broken they were immediately removed) and Varus has been left in a very strong place in the meta.

Loser: Assassins

It's tough to sympathize with units that can so easily break the game due to their ability to destroy backline carries. The latest in the ongoing string of nerfs to assassins has toned them down enough to where they aren't just destroying everyone like they used to. 2 Assassins is no longer much of a benefit, so you either need to commit to playing the trait, likely through Olaf and Diana reroll, or forego them to strengthen another synergy.

Winner: Dragons

Dragons are still holding a nice spot near the top of the meta despite the nerfs to Syffen and Shi Oh Yu. Both dragons are still seeing success in Whisper and Jade comps across elos. Meanwhile, Ao Shin and Shyvanna are much more playable in this patch which in turn improves augments like Dragon's Hoard.

Loser: People Who Want Xayah Nerfs

Yeah, I know I'm cheating with this one. In every patch, it seems that Xayah gets gently nerfed while every other strong unit gets completely flattened. She received the exact same nerf as Varus, but just like how Varus barely feels it since he always runs Rageblade, Xayah also always runs Rageblade, and she gets attack speed buffs through the Ragewing trait. This loss does serve as a minor win for the assassins, for as long as she's in the meta there's always going to be use for them.