5 Worst Junglers in League of Legends Patch 10.3

Sylas has been chained up with all the nerfs to his kit, but what other bunglers should you avoid?
Sylas has been chained up with all the nerfs to his kit, but what other bunglers should you avoid? / Riot Games

Worst junglers Patch 10.3 are must-avoid picks in Champion Select.

With buffs to jungle experience hitting the rift in League of Legends Patch 10.3, it's more important to know which junglers to avoid to prevent falling behind in games. Here are the five worst junglers on League of Legends Patch 10.3.

5 Worst Junglers in League of Legends Patch 10.3

1. Qiyana

Qiyana saw significant nerfs targeting her jungle clear on Patch 10.2 and her win rate has never recovered.

Although the champion has a strong kit that can be a nightmare to deal with around major objectives like Baron Nashor and Elder Dragon, the mechanical skill required to clear the jungle early with Qiyana makes it a difficult pick. Until Qiyana gains some that passive attack speed back, she'll be a relatively tough pick in the jungle.

2. Sylas

Sylas is just in a bad spot at the moment. While Sylas saw playing time in the jungle during Season 9, the nerfs in Season 10 removed him from play in every position and almost every level of competition.

Sylas does have decent area of effect damage later in the game, but his early game clear is incredibly weak. Add to that the jungle experience changes that left junglers two to three levels behind laners early in games and you have a weak champion susceptible to strong early game junglers.

3. Sejuani

Even though Sejauni received buffs on Patch 10.3, one of the buffs actually works as a nerf and keeps her relatively unplayable. The buff to Sejuani's attack speed will allow her to actually clear camps on pace with other popular junglers, but losing Fury of the North (Passive) to small monster attacks will give her fewer opportunities to gank lanes effectively.

The additional armor and magic resist, along with immunity to slows, helped her to close the gap on enemy laners without losing too much health. Without the change to Fury of the North, Sejuani probably doesn't end up on this list.

4. Amumu

The life of the sad mummy stays just as sad on Patch 10.3. Tank junglers have largely been removed from the Season 10 jungle meta, since they often fall behind in items and levels making them useless as tanks.

Amumu has one of the lowest win rates in the jungle on Patch 10.3 and will probably remain there for some time. His kit, though, remains one of the best beginning players, offering great crowd control and engage and a fairly safe jungle clear after finishing a jungle item.

5. Camille

Camille was shoved out of the jungle during Season 9 and should remain in top lane in every conceivable scenario. Unless you are a professional player, Camille jungle is not for you. Her early game clear is incredibly weak, with little ability to clear raptors or krugs.

She still is a strong dueler that can survive given the right circumstances and skill level, but other champions like Jarvan IV and Rek'Sai are able to accomplish similar tasks with significantly less risk.