WoW 9.1 DPS Rankings Explained

Entrance to the Sanctum of Domination Raid, opening on July 6
Entrance to the Sanctum of Domination Raid, opening on July 6 / Activision Blizzard and es.Wowhead

WoW 9.1 DPS Rankings compared to Shadowlands' release patch, 9.0 has some differences and some familiar faces.

WoW 9.1 DPS Rankings

Best of the best

Without a doubt, the two strongest DPS specs come as two of the heaviest hitting and essential casters, Balance Druids and Shadow Priests.

Balance Druids have access to some of the most potent burst damage in the game, and for Heroism/Bloodlust windows, the amount of damage they can shell out is excellent. Their AoE is nothing to scoff at either, just not the highlight of what they bring to the table.

Shadow Priests remain uncontested as the best single-target DPS spec. Many of the bosses in Sanctum of Domination come down to Patchwerk-style DPS checks, and Shadow Priests can bring the damage in spades.

Excellent picks

Picks like the Elemental Shaman, Fury Warrior, Havoc DH, and Destruction Warlock are examples of some specs you can put in your raid that will bring so much to the table.

Elemental Shamans for the longest time now have been pushed in the direction of being one of the best cleaving specs in the game, combining their Chain Lightning with a series of Earthquakes layered on top of the next, creating a loop of generating your resource, all while dishing out insane AoE damage. In fights like Kel'Thuzad and Sylvanus where AoE is necessary, Elemental will shine.

If you want some melee in your step, Fury Warriors outshine just about every other melee spec at the moment. Similar to the Elemental Shaman in terms of cleave, Fury can shine in AoE situations, while also being no slouch in the single-target department.

Good, solid choices for raid

Picks like the Unholy DK or Frost Mage have been punching below their weight for much of Shadowlands, but should not be underestimated just because their classes other spec's are outperforming.

The Unholy Death Knight's playstyle of stacking Bursting Sores made them so potent in BFA, and the trend somewhat continues in Shadowlands.

The Frost Mage has been outshined previously by its Arcane and Fire counterparts, but Frost is one the rise in Sanctum of Domination. A smaller cleave window than Elemental makes Frost more specific, but the two-three target range is where Frost can really excel, and start to pump some nice numbers. It's really only when Frost is overwhelmed with targets does the damage start to diminish slightly.

These are just a handful of some of the highlights of what DPS you can bring to raid. There are other excellent specs like Subtlety, Windwalker, Ret Pally, and Assassination.

The Normal and Heroic difficulties of Sanctum of Domination opens on July 6!