WoW TBC Classic Blood Furnace Quests

Hellfire Citadel located in Hellfire Peninsula, home to The Blood Furnace
Hellfire Citadel located in Hellfire Peninsula, home to The Blood Furnace / Activision Blizzard

WoW TBC Classic's Blood Furnace dungeon has a set of quests just like many of the other dungeons present.

Dungeon quests grant a lot of experience, on top of the nice chunk of experience you'll gain as you clear mobs and bosses in the dungeon itself. Even more exciting, the loot rewarded for completing dungeon quests is some of the best gear you can obtain before raids open.

WoW TBC Classic Blood Furnace Quests

Before you even think about entering the Blood Furnace, you must complete the quest "Weaken the Ramparts" located in the dungeon Hellfire Ramparts. "Weaken the Ramparts" requires you to slay three bosses from the Hellfire Ramparts.

Additionally, when slaying Vazruden, the final boss of Hellfire Ramparts, make sure to loot his corpse to receive the Ominous Letter. Right click this item to begin the quest "Dark Tidings," and return to your faction's base camp in Hellfire Peninsula: Honor Hold for the Alliance and Thrallmar for the Horde to complete "Dark Tidings."

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Entrance to The Blood Furnace, located at the heart of Hellfire Citadel, in Hellfire Peninsula. / Activison Blizzard and Wowhead

Now that you have handed in "Weaken the Ramparts" and "Dark Tidings," a follow-up quest entitled "Heart of Rage" will be given to you, allowing you to now enter The Blood Furnace. Additionally, the quest "The Blood is Life" will be able to picked up, which you should definitely grab since it will also be able to completed inside The Blood Furnace.

"Heart of Rage" requires the player to scout out The Blood Furnace, something you will get done as you make your way through the dungeon. "The Blood is Life" requires the player to collect 10 Fel Orc Blood Vials, an 100% drop rate on many of the mobs in The Blood Furnace.

Once you finish The Blood Furnace once, you will have completed both "Heart of Rage" and "The Blood is Life." Hand those two quests in and you have completed all available quests for The Blood Furnace on Normal difficulty!

There is a Heroic difficulty daily quest available when you reach level 70 entitled "Wanted: Kelidan's Feathered Stave," but dailies are not something you have to worry about while leveling, as they only become available once you reach the max level of 70.