Wrecking Ball Crouching Glitch Discovered in Overwatch

Wrecking Ball crouching glitch explained.
Wrecking Ball crouching glitch explained. / Image courtesy of Blizzard

Wrecking Ball, also known as Hammond, is indisputably one of the funniest heroes in Overwatch. He is a hamster from space that rolls around in a weaponized orb that also has legs and can crab walk. However, Hammond is one of the most mobile heroes in Overwatch, which can lead to bugs in his abilities.

Wrecking Ball is not normally able to crouch because he is an orb and the ability to crouch wouldn't help him since he can hide by sitting very still. However many players that enjoy using Hammond to annoy the enemy and want to be able to teabag. This will require the "crab mode" glitch.

To use the crouching glitch, players need to do the crab mode glitch while facing the ground and then walk to the end of the grapple. This will make Wrecking Ball glitch up and down slightly, giving the appearance of crouching repeatedly.

Wrecking Ball Crab Mode Glitch

1. Use jump and melee at the same time.

2. Use shift (roll) and right click (grapple) at the same time.

3. Use jump and melee at the same time again and the grapple should appear.