WWE 2K22 Trailer: What We Learned

Photo by 2K Games

The newest trailer has officially dropped for WWE 2K22, and it has revealed promising features for the upcoming wrestling series' return. The game is set to drop sometime in March 2022, but very little information was given on the game prior to this official trailer.

Here's everything we learned from the WWE 2K22 trailer.

WWE 2K22 Trailer: What We Learned

Although the trailer is short, the newest WWE 2K22 trailer gave a lot of insight of what new to expect from the game come March.

New Gameplay Engine, Graphics and Controls

WWE 2K22 controls
The new control system in WWE 2K22 / Photo Courtesy of 2K Sports

2K Sports unveiled official gameplay for WWE 2K22, with an updated HUD, improved graphics and control system. The controls look similar to previous games, and it looks as though the payback system will be incorporated again into matches.

New 2K Showcase

The Showcase mode allows players to step into the historic stories of some of WWE's biggest stars and moments in history. We have had Showcase modes around "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Attitude Era and the Women's Evolution. Now, Rey Mysterio looks to be next in line for a Showcase Storyline.

GM Mode and Universe Mode

WWE 2K22 GM Mode and Universe Mode
WWE 2K22 will bring back GM Mode and Universe Mode / Photo Courtesy of 2K Sports

The long-awaited return of GM Mode to WWE games is finally confirmed. The fan-favorite mode has been gone since the days of Smackdown Vs. Raw, and now you can take the reigns as GM of your favorite brand and have complete control over your superstars, match bookings, and more.


MyFaction information was scarce in the trailer, but it looks to be a sort of collaborative team-up mode, likely for online matches with your friends.


Finally, MyRise looks to be a reimagining of the MyCareer mode that previous WWE 2K games attempted to create. The career modes in previous 2K installments of WWE were lackluster and not viewed highly but fans, so here's hoping the rebranding brings life back to the game mode.

According to the trailer, there is still more information that will be revealed in January before the expected March release.